005 Plasma

Watching Joanne http://youtu.be/kqHpS8BfVAk talk about how CERN is being upgraded and if they are trying to open a portal. I don’t believe in the portal idea right now, and i won’t get into that.. but what interests me is what is the distraction or purpose. 

My first thought went towards 9/11 and the theory that high tech plasma weaponry was used. I know we have particle generators all over the world, some in the US. UN controls CERN. Knowing those two things (A+B) then if the US can use the power generated with their accelerators then the UN can too..in a larger scale.

They want you to believe in portals. Aliens. Space technology. Anything that will distract you from the real truth. The Earth will always go through changes. If science can keep up with those and keep on explaining the changes. Then they have the upper hand when it comes to creating patents that help explain the changes to Earth in whatever way suits them best. 

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