021 Saturn Planetarium – FREE Admission*

Rolex08bWe live in a space within this Universe. Time is created by perpetual motion of the celestial bodies. Saturn is the machine running the show.




How big can a supercomputer get?
Take a look at Saturn and you’ll get a pretty good idea. Saturn is creating this space and time we call reality.

Saturn is the machine running the show at the planetarium.

c057_star_theater_pro_home_planetarium_inuse Marvin still has a few years of star gazing left in him.


Admission is free, but you can never leave.

The fallen were placed in this reality and they have created their own reality within this space and you were created to serve the fallen. Do you want to be a soldier to fight in these wars of the gods. Or would you rather be love and light.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ…it’s not some hero coming down to save us…it is when we all wake up to the truth and get out of this evil world. Jesus is within us all. Thing is they have hidden Jesus from us by deceiving us. Jesus did not want a world full of evil. He died for our sins…and reincarnated to the kingdom of God. Why do we keep sinning? To satisfy our desire for more. More money, more food, more things that we don’t need. Stop the sin, stop eating from the tree of knowledge (CARVINGS, GLYPHS, TABLETS, MYTHS, BIBLE, RELIGION, VATICAN NASA, USA, EU, ESA, NSA, CERN, RU, HARVARD, YALE, NOAA, etc)

Get it? The apple is what makes this reality real. When you accept the apple as an apple you are allowing someone else to create your reality. Believe in yourself.

Be like Jesus. Because when we all be like Jesus, the Second Coming will be upon us. We will be freed from this establishment, and the Planetarium will be closed.

*FREE Admission while supplies last. No exit. No re-entry. Must work to remain in theater. 30% fee paid to management every day.

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