090 Game of War

If you play any web games or mobile games, i’m pretty sure you’ve seen one of the many ads for the game; Game of War.

Just for those that never seen it, let’s watch a :15



I know for a fact the game sucks. I did a couple searches and really there is no talk of the game. I never see anyone play the game. No one talks about it. It’s simply advertised (marketed) propaganda.

They’ve spent over $40 million dollars to make sure that every single kid that is playing FREE games gets bombarded with the phrase “GAME OF WAR” “GAME OF WAR” “GAME OF WAR” “GAME OF WAR” “GAME OF WAR”

…the law of hypnotic rhythm will always win and you will become to be one with this phrase “GAME OF WAR”. Yes, war is a game in the eyes of those that start them…but it’s a game that never resolves anything. It only keeps us divided and dependent on someone else, like, St. George to defend us from the big bad dragon (which doesn’t exist, but if it did, St. George would kill him for us. Because they make us think we are not capable because he has a horse and a sword and i don’t.

Let’s look into our memory bank:

The Literary Panorama, Volume 6

Strategos: A Series of American Games of War, Based Upon Military …, Volume 1 (1880)

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.43.39 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.43.13 PMJuly – October, 1832!

183 years ago we are playing GAME of WAR. Do you see how important it is for the machine to tell us what to think? I probably spent a whole year in total playing Call of Duty.. a similar game of war setting. This was during the Iraq/Afghan wars and never thought much of it. I thought it was cool to be ranked #1, have the best weapons, know all the weapons, tactics, group parties.. and now that i look back, i was simply participating in all the carnage through the collective consciousness. In my mind i accepted war and thought it was fun.. and so did millions if not billions of more people. Call of Duty i think has been one of the top performing games of late.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.52.16 PM
The Writings of George Washington: pt. III. Private letters from the time ... By George Washington, Jared Spark
The Writings of George Washington: pt. III. Private letters from the time …
By George Washington, Jared Spark



I know it’s hard to avoid it all. But as long as you are aware of the tactics, the repetition, the total lack of respect for you as an individual. When we shut off their computer, we take back our land. They promise us technology and what do we have to give in return? I’d prefer to go on my own.

Be vigilant. Find your soul.


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