134 NASA Jupiter Juno Fake Image

Well. This should clear things up about how honest NASA is with the people that pay for their salaries.

On June 30, 2016 there was a big “discovery” regarding Jupiter.

Problem is the image seems very similar to one from two years ago in May.

This is Jupiter, May 2014.
This is Jupiter, May 2014.
and this is Jupiter 2 years later.. with a nice hat.
Problem is…the planet doesn’t really change.. in two years?
Overlay of both images using Difference filter.
Side by Side Comparison


NASA is a fake.

Thanks to russianvids for this insight:


One thought on “134 NASA Jupiter Juno Fake Image”

  1. You’re exactly right, except that NASA actually stated exactly what you said in its original press release.

    The problem here is just that the summary for the article omits details from the full release, which is here:

    “The full-color disk of Jupiter in this image was separately photographed at a different time by Hubble’s Outer Planet Atmospheres Legacy (OPAL) program, a long-term Hubble project that annually captures global maps of the outer planets.”

    The auroras are not visible at all in normal light, they are ultraviolet. But the planet doesn’t look like anything in ultraviolet, it shows up as black. So they picked a visible image and overlaid the UV image so we could see where on the planet the ultraviolet image was (otherwise it would just be a violet swirl on a black image). And they clearly stated it in their original press release, and their youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dplSgv6qlMk

    You can see the original, separate image of the aurora here:

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