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Prepping your mind for Mars

It’s interesting we have never chosen to have a rover on the moon. At the very least, a relay station. A data gathering, sensory overload machine that could assist in many things like communication and data collecting. But we tend to skip over the moon and go to Saturn, Mars, even Pluto.

If we can do this in 1971 

Shouldn’t we already have something like this in 2017:

This whole idea of sending humans to Mars will come to realization as soon as they retire the ISS. As many of us have grown up believing the story of humans on ISS orbiting our Earth.

NASA Chief Announces a 2028 Expiration Date for the ISS: “It is Inevitable”

And we believe man walked on the moon. We have already accepted this as a reality without any factual evidence besides the stories they feed us and the computer graphics they show us. If one day I go onto the ISS myself, I may be more inclined to change my opinion… but as it stands now.. I don’t believe the hype. Take me to the moon even. 

Have you noticed how private space travel has yet been an option. And when they get close, disaster strikes. Instilling fear into the populace in showing us how dangerous space travel can be. Yet all their hundreds, if not, thousands of missions are always pinpoint perfect, except for the occasional disaster that they integrate into their timelines. With such big budgets anything is possible.

$18.4 billion
NASA’s FY 2011 budget of $18.4 billion represented about 0.5% of the $3.4 trillion United States federal budget during that year, or about 35% of total spending on academic scientific research in the United States.

Budget of NASA – Wikipedia



…and from that you could go off an talk about the military budget which is 10x more than you could even imagine compared to the space budget. Difference is, in space exploration, the world is our friend: US-Russian space cooperation: a model for nuclear security | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

There’s something wrong with it you know..  the deception is what gets me. It’s almost like the way we grow up believing in Santa Claus only to find out later it was all one big deception. Is this part of the programming?

Mars on Earth


“My biggest fear was that we were going to be that crew that turned out like Biosphere 2, which wasn’t a very pretty picture,” said mission commander James Bevington in January.

Biosphere 2 was a 1990s experimental greenhouse-like habitat in Arizona that turned into a debacle. It housed different ecosystems and a crew of four men and four women in an effort to understand what would be needed for humans to live on other planets. The participants were supposed to grow their own food and recycle their air inside the sealed glass space.


Hawai’i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation

The HI-SEAS site has Mars-like geology which allows crews to perform high-fidelity geological field work and add to the realism of the mission simulation. The Martian regolith examined by the CheMin instrument (Blake et al. 2012) is very similar to the weathered basaltic materials found in this part of Hawaii. The site is a former cinder rock quarry on the side of a spatter cone. It is surrounded by relatively recent lava flows with very little plant or animal life present.

Can you tell me which one is on Mars? Neither. They are both on Earth.. just one has the Mars filter on it.

Photos of Mars landscapes by NASA’s Curiosity rover – Business Insider

HI-SEAS offers not only physical isolation and geological similarity. We have developed a robust system of high-latency communication between Crew and Mission Support that imposes a Mars-like 20-minute delay on message reception each way.

Sounds like a Hollywood set for Mars exploration. I wouldn’t be surprised the same setup is used for their rovers which I believe are somewhere in Greenland…  working under multiple space agencies.


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