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Historically, many rulers have assumed titles such as son of god, son of a god or son of Heaven.[1] The Roman EmperorAugustus referred to his relation to his deified adoptive father, Julius Caesar, as “son of a god” via the term divi filius which was later also used by Domitian. The motif of a person being a “son of God” is widespread in mythology as well.

Talk about hoaxes. I mean this should be the #1 hoax of all time. Changing the language to change the perception of what we see.

If you believe Jesus Christ was, literally, God’s son…as in his little baby boy…you are sadly mistaken. One must start to recognize our mistakes. Because if you are spending your time praying to the wrong God/Jesus…you are wasting your time. We must

Here is a list of a few sun gods from many different cultures.

Civilization Sun God
Aboriginal: Many names depending on the region: Yhi
African: Liza
Chinese: Ten Suns
Egyptian: Ra or Re
Greek: Apollo
Japanese: Ama-terasu
Polynesian: Maui
Roman: Apollo
Sumerian: Utu

Sun Gods and Sun Goddesses

Christ in Egypt