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143 Be aware of the hand behind the back

So with these times needs great focus. See when the masses talk about something, there is something much more sinister in the background. There are times you may want to get consumed with the gossip, but look away for the rewards lie the other way.

This week has seen a mass attention to the Kavanaugh story. The timeline started sometime in early July when he was nominated. It took us all the way to September 27 where the hearings were held to question the integrity of this man. September 28 it was all anyone could talk about. But what was going on behind the curtains.

Tax cuts for the wealthy. $3.8 Trillion to be exact.

Under Kavanaugh cover, Republicans pass $3 trillion tax cuts for wealthy

See with your ears, and listen with your eyes…because your senses will deceive you unless you deceive them your self.


Meanwhile in California:



I was watching a horrible series on Netflix, Shooter. They feature a similar plot line in Season 3. A corrupt government appoints a corrupt supreme court justice. Not recommended to watch.




141 Mars Brother Propaganda

Prepping your mind for Mars

It’s interesting we have never chosen to have a rover on the moon. At the very least, a relay station. A data gathering, sensory overload machine that could assist in many things like communication and data collecting. But we tend to skip over the moon and go to Saturn, Mars, even Pluto.

If we can do this in 1971 

Shouldn’t we already have something like this in 2017:

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