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053 George Michael {{{sings}}} yoU goTTa have

Blind Faith - Inlay

Yes. That’s right folks. George forgot to tell us it was BLIND  ||||||FAITH!  !   A faith instilled upon us since the days we can only read about. Ive had    BLIND||||||FAITH!  !   /  BLIND  ||||||FAIBLINDTH!  !  to accomplish

   ||||BLIND||FAITH!  !  to challenge myself   strive for good / do good get good / do bad you get the idea

Cross Out those do bad ideas.
OOD: cause all you have is  BLIND  ||||||FAITH!  !   ghavhjustF

Faith of this?  OF for the WHAT. 

they call it

faith& space 
One you gotta have  BLIND  ||||||FAITH!  !
    BLIND  ||||||FAITH!  !   doo gotta do BLIND  ||||||FAITH!  !   

to believe in



after you// No No

cause all you have is  BLIND  ||||||FAITH!  !  

after you// No No

my reality is created by me
let me help you

all you have
BLIND  ||||||FAITH!  !  is


       Fun Fact    

George Michael was born 1963.
He is a creation from the Tokamak TM-3

Oh, you didn’t read my post about the tokamak (Russian: токамак)
don’t fret

 Screenshot 2015-02-06 23.12.00

here’s an excerpt:

First full carbon first wall TM-3,
USSR 1963 // major events 

Screenshot 2015-02-06 23.20.19

1976 // 39 years ago we were playing with plasma physics and fusion technology.

what are we doing today?


reach for the    St A rS  

     or would you rather be the    St A rS  

it’s all in your mind.