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096 Shandong, China explosion with typhoon near by





It was a big one:

Currently typhoon Goni is situated to the southwest of Kyushu, packing 125mph sustained winds with gusts of 155mph. Moving northeastwards at around 24mph, typhoon Goni is expected to reach Kyushu on Tuesday morning still as a Category 3 typhoon, with winds of 115mph and upwards. At landfall the current forecast is for the eye of Goni to be a strong Cat 2, sufficient for damage to be caused to structures.




086 China Tianjin and 9/11 [MIRROR EVENT]

Tianjin City in China
Tianjin is a major port city in northeastern China. Following the 1858 Treaties of Tianjin, several Western nations established concessions in Tianjin. The European-style houses, municipal buildings and churches in Wudadao (Five Great Avenues) and the surrounding historic districts are legacies of that period. Standing in contrast are the city’s many modern skyscrapers, including the iconic 415m-tall Tianjin Radio and Television Tower.

There was a typhoon the day the city was attacked.

8.5.15-soudelor-track And there was also one the day of the 9/11 attack.Untitled-2Coincidence? Please feel free to convince me that it was.