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082 o·pen ses·a·me

  1. a free or unrestricted means of admission or access.
    “academic success is not an automatic open sesame to the job market


SESAME is a synchrotron light source under construction in Jordan. It will allow researchers from the region to investigate the properties of innovative materials, biological processes and cultural artefacts. SESAME is a unique joint venture that brings together scientists from its Members: Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, the Palestinian Authority and Turkey. Not only is SESAME an important scientific project, it is also helping to build bridges between diverse cultures in a part of the world that usually hits the headlines for its conflicts.

(funny how they all work together on this…yet at war)





What is CESSAMag?

CESSAMag stands for “CERN-EC Support for SESAME Magnets”. It is a FP7 project which aims at supporting the construction of the SESAME(link is external) light source, the Middle East’s first major international research center in the making.


What is SESAME?

SESAME is a cooperative venture by scientists and the governments of the region to create a third-generation light source. The SESAME light source will have applications in a broad variety of fields, including structural molecular biology, environmental science, energy sciences, surface and interface science, micro- electromechanical devices, X-ray and infrared imaging, archaeological microanalysis, materials characterization, and medical applications.





                                                         CESSAMag- enabling collaboration for SESAME

                                                 SESAME Storage ring and its components under CESSAMag


17 dipoles from the UK
                      33 sextupoles from Cyprus plus 33 sextupoles from Pakistan

66 quadrupoles from Spain


                                                                     SESAME facility in Jordan Credit: SESAME

Inside the SESAME hall, NO 2012 Credit: SESAME



069 the scrolls are the hard drive

the scrolls are the hard drive
the stories we read are the stories we write today. those that follow others stories will never be able to write their own stories.
shakira mtv performance 2014 atomic explosion
youtube search: father guido sarducci 1980 comedy routing
time capsules are used to initiate the imagination.
our imagination is being hijacked through our mainstream media channels. the bigger the collective the more chances you will be able to hijack the collective and be able to manifest the hidden agenda that is being told to you in a different space and time than the one you live.
what you take on is what you learn. and what you learn is what you output. regardless of physical body because the spiritiual (subconsciousness) is always working…{like when you dream}…
it’s electric. we are electric. our energies bounce around just like radio waves bounce around to get to you. no different. we are part of the system. what affects your soul is the way you conduct yourself.
as above…so below
the red or the blue pillar… which way are you going to ‘conduct’ yourself. like conductivity. the trick is the center.. where the white light is.
  1. the degree to which a specified material conducts electricity, calculated as the ratio of the current density in the material to the electric field that causes the flow of current. It is the reciprocal of the resistivity.
the rate at which heat passes through a specified material, expressed as the amount of heat that flows per unit time through a unit area with a temperature gradient of one degree per unit distance.
  1. 1

    the manner in which a person behaves, especially on a particular occasion or in a particular context.

  2. the action or manner of managing an activity or organization.