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140 Cassini Casserole

1 part science

1 part bullshit

The Cassini–Huygens (/ˌkəˈsini ˈhɔɪˌɡəns/) (commonly called Cassini) mission was a collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Italian Space Agency (ASI) to send a probe to study the planet Saturn and its system, including its rings and natural satellites.

Mission Duration

  • Final:
    •  19 years, 335 days
    •  13 years, 76 days at Saturn
  • En route:
    •  6 years, 261 days
  • Prime mission:
    •  3 years
  • Extended missions:
    •  Equinox: 2 years, 62 days
    •  Solstice: 6 years, 205 days
    •  Finale: 4 months, 24 days

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139 Space Travel for Dummies

Do you ever wonder what has space travel really given back to society. Compared to how much they have taken from it.

I was reading today about the final days of the Cassini space orove which had been observing Saturn for quite some time now. What purpose does this mission actually serve. Sure you can probably find some interesting stories on the resources NaSA  provides for those. Lots of data, photos (well computer graphics mostly)

But the point really is, its all nothing but stories. No benefit for the ones here on this plane. Dream big they say, but they tell you scary stories all day to steal those dreams away.

Dont believe to know but know to believe. Believe in your self and your perspectives; not the stories.


130 Untitled Chat #000001

I’m hard on you because you are a reflection of me (in lakech) so when i see you i see me and i want to love and help me as you. i have a friend that i met when i first opened the market. she had been talked about.. “you gotta meet amy” you gotta meet amy.. have you met amy.. and long story short.. we met and 3 years later we are like soul seed brothers and sisters. life changing. but she has taught me what I’m trying to teach you..

receive. add love. do not try to justify your actions for they already happened and are in the past. there is no need to look to the dark side for that is over. Your life is manifested through you. We are all our own little universes. And if there are aliens.. then it’s your universe meshed into mine. See when you get a large group of people like the government, religion, science, politics, .. and you gain the power of the human mind consciousness. which in turn is electricity. we are all little batteries on this plane. How do you think our hearts beat. How does a cellphone vibrate? you ever wondered that? .. it’s an electrical impulse.. it’s not a little hammer inside. so when you r electrical impulses in your head are not igniting at full strength. you are thus disconnected from the source. they keep you down.

now on the other hand.. if you ignite your 7 transistors.. or 7 chakras .which run up your neural spinal cord. it will ignite the light between Cain (Left Brain) and Able (Right Brain) …and you have just started your way up the Stairway to Heaven.

So the point is…when you receive.. you receive power and create harmonious energy that flows.. but when you resist there is tension and the sparks fly and vibration is out of whack.

There is no point in saying “oh yeah i did that yesterday “ .. cause yesterday is gone and tomorrow aint even here.

025 Is the ISS going to disappear?

In the usual way things are made to disappear. The ISS today has experienced a gas leak. The astronauts had to evacuate to the Russian side of the station. I have this intuition that problems will continue with the ISS, resulting in the inevitable destruction of the ISS space station. In typical fashion of destroying the very evidence we have never been able to make evident. I post this as a confirmation of my consciousness intuition showing me the truth, from source.

I hope i’m wrong, but then again, my theory is there aren’t any humans up on any space station so it really is just a fantasy station with a fantasy ending.

021 Saturn Planetarium – FREE Admission*

Rolex08bWe live in a space within this Universe. Time is created by perpetual motion of the celestial bodies. Saturn is the machine running the show.




How big can a supercomputer get?
Take a look at Saturn and you’ll get a pretty good idea. Saturn is creating this space and time we call reality.

Saturn is the machine running the show at the planetarium.

c057_star_theater_pro_home_planetarium_inuse Marvin still has a few years of star gazing left in him.


Admission is free, but you can never leave.

The fallen were placed in this reality and they have created their own reality within this space and you were created to serve the fallen. Do you want to be a soldier to fight in these wars of the gods. Or would you rather be love and light.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ…it’s not some hero coming down to save us…it is when we all wake up to the truth and get out of this evil world. Jesus is within us all. Thing is they have hidden Jesus from us by deceiving us. Jesus did not want a world full of evil. He died for our sins…and reincarnated to the kingdom of God. Why do we keep sinning? To satisfy our desire for more. More money, more food, more things that we don’t need. Stop the sin, stop eating from the tree of knowledge (CARVINGS, GLYPHS, TABLETS, MYTHS, BIBLE, RELIGION, VATICAN NASA, USA, EU, ESA, NSA, CERN, RU, HARVARD, YALE, NOAA, etc)

Get it? The apple is what makes this reality real. When you accept the apple as an apple you are allowing someone else to create your reality. Believe in yourself.

Be like Jesus. Because when we all be like Jesus, the Second Coming will be upon us. We will be freed from this establishment, and the Planetarium will be closed.

*FREE Admission while supplies last. No exit. No re-entry. Must work to remain in theater. 30% fee paid to management every day.

020 Say cheese

I would like a photograph of this beautiful ballet around our planet.

Screenshot 2015-01-09 23.27.26

Anyone have any pictures (a real photograph) of our planet with all these beautiful satellites orbiting so perfectly and consistently.

Why can we see high resolution images of a comet flying through space, beautiful images of Saturn…yet no photographs of our own planet in it’s truest form. RAW footage. Doesn’t exist. It’s all in our imagination.