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141 Mars Brother Propaganda

Prepping your mind for Mars

It’s interesting we have never chosen to have a rover on the moon. At the very least, a relay station. A data gathering, sensory overload machine that could assist in many things like communication and data collecting. But we tend to skip over the moon and go to Saturn, Mars, even Pluto.

If we can do this in 1971 

Shouldn’t we already have something like this in 2017:

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140 Cassini Casserole

1 part science

1 part bullshit

The Cassini–Huygens (/ˌkəˈsini ˈhɔɪˌɡəns/) (commonly called Cassini) mission was a collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Italian Space Agency (ASI) to send a probe to study the planet Saturn and its system, including its rings and natural satellites.

Mission Duration

  • Final:
    •  19 years, 335 days
    •  13 years, 76 days at Saturn
  • En route:
    •  6 years, 261 days
  • Prime mission:
    •  3 years
  • Extended missions:
    •  Equinox: 2 years, 62 days
    •  Solstice: 6 years, 205 days
    •  Finale: 4 months, 24 days

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134 NASA Jupiter Juno Fake Image

Well. This should clear things up about how honest NASA is with the people that pay for their salaries.

On June 30, 2016 there was a big “discovery” regarding Jupiter.

Problem is the image seems very similar to one from two years ago in May.

This is Jupiter, May 2014.
This is Jupiter, May 2014.
and this is Jupiter 2 years later.. with a nice hat.
Problem is…the planet doesn’t really change.. in two years?
Overlay of both images using Difference filter.
Side by Side Comparison


NASA is a fake.

Thanks to russianvids for this insight:


053 George Michael {{{sings}}} yoU goTTa have

Blind Faith - Inlay

Yes. That’s right folks. George forgot to tell us it was BLIND  ||||||FAITH!  !   A faith instilled upon us since the days we can only read about. Ive had    BLIND||||||FAITH!  !   /  BLIND  ||||||FAIBLINDTH!  !  to accomplish

   ||||BLIND||FAITH!  !  to challenge myself   strive for good / do good get good / do bad you get the idea

Cross Out those do bad ideas.
OOD: cause all you have is  BLIND  ||||||FAITH!  !   ghavhjustF

Faith of this?  OF for the WHAT. 

they call it

faith& space 
One you gotta have  BLIND  ||||||FAITH!  !
    BLIND  ||||||FAITH!  !   doo gotta do BLIND  ||||||FAITH!  !   

to believe in



after you// No No

cause all you have is  BLIND  ||||||FAITH!  !  

after you// No No

my reality is created by me
let me help you

all you have
BLIND  ||||||FAITH!  !  is


       Fun Fact    

George Michael was born 1963.
He is a creation from the Tokamak TM-3

Oh, you didn’t read my post about the tokamak (Russian: токамак)
don’t fret

 Screenshot 2015-02-06 23.12.00

here’s an excerpt:

First full carbon first wall TM-3,
USSR 1963 // major events 

Screenshot 2015-02-06 23.20.19

1976 // 39 years ago we were playing with plasma physics and fusion technology.

what are we doing today?


reach for the    St A rS  

     or would you rather be the    St A rS  

it’s all in your mind.

025 Is the ISS going to disappear?

In the usual way things are made to disappear. The ISS today has experienced a gas leak. The astronauts had to evacuate to the Russian side of the station. I have this intuition that problems will continue with the ISS, resulting in the inevitable destruction of the ISS space station. In typical fashion of destroying the very evidence we have never been able to make evident. I post this as a confirmation of my consciousness intuition showing me the truth, from source.

I hope i’m wrong, but then again, my theory is there aren’t any humans up on any space station so it really is just a fantasy station with a fantasy ending.