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051 Thoughts that matter.

Thoughts create matter.

The thought is literally, created by someone else using your body and mind. Record yourself watching television, netflix, walking dead, youtube, driving…you enter a state called:   NUL 


Let me explain. 

The very popular game, FarmVille, is a good example of how this works. A human downloads this game, fills out an application, confirms his identity, accepts terms and conditions, is given a piece of land, some money to get started, a free initial training, a community, and a solid foundation to get started. You are the machine. We don’t live in the machine. We are the machine. So once we break free from being part of the machine the machine will begin to crumble. (Ref: Big Hero 6)
Our virtual reality creates our physical reality while not allowing us to create our  spiritual reality . To live in an etherical space. This material/matter around us is only a thought. When you stop thinking about their thoughts then their thoughts cease to exist. Guess who’s thoughts start existing? Your thoughts manifest! If you cannot stop thinking about it, and you understand what i’m telling you, it will manifest itself.
Do you understand what is going on here? A thought has now become a thing. The human has just created a business. A business built around the materialistic capitalization market. The thoughts of this human are manifesting that reality. Now imagine 83,000,000 humans per month playing this “game”. I would say that is a lot of thought towards one specific goal. The energy you spend on the virtual world is actually creating your actual world. You are following the same rules in your real world as in your virtual world. Still inside the box. When you live life in a sphere, everything just blends in much better. Can’t just be stuck in the box.
And then you wonder why Monsanto is winning that battle. It’s all to make you  NUL  Programmed. Controlled. Mindless. Limited. 
  • Null character, the zero-valued ASCII character, also designated by NUL, often used as a terminator, separator or filler’
 Don't be a NUL! 

When you accept the virtual, you make it real. It loses it’s virtual status quo. Stop being mindless. (Ref: wal-e)



This brings me to a theory I have been working on. 

Let’s say there is a sick human being, could be terminally ill, flu, mental, short circuits, etc. If we were to create an app, similar to Farmville but focused on us getting this being to a better state, to heal this being and have 83,000,000 active users per month using the app to heal the being,   I theorize, the being will be healed.  

It’s not…Just Do It. It should be Just Be It. 

Nike got you good. They drove it down to your core. They claim their way is by DOing it. And i say fuck that. Let’s BE it. Just Be. (Ref: Wieden+Kennedy) [another Kennedy!]

Just be             it.                          

Makes you kinda ask yourself…

What are you thinking about? ≈creating? ≈serving?


The genie in the bottle? Ha. Good one. That’s it in a nutshell. Rub the bottle and you get three wishes. Yet you still have to rely on the big guy to make it happen. I say nope. I’ll take my chances and believe in my being to manifest what it is that i want. You cannot grant me my wish, because my wish is mine to make.

You know who the genies are? the stars and their bottle looks like this:

Genie in a Bottle

the hive method

Let’s take a look at the shooter games that were the #1 selling games for years. For example, Call of Duty 1-8. In 2012 they had 40,000,000 monthly active users. 40,000,000 humans were fighting a war. Accepting that reality while thinking it is only a game. Believe me, I was a fan of Call of Duty (COD) and probably stopped playing at around the 6th game. I would need to do a little more research but I’m assuming COD was manifested in order for them to get their agenda through. My mind was on the battlefield more a majority of the time. I accepted that reality by accepting their shit.
The ones that run the machine have figured out how to manage electrons and neutrons. Like in Big Hero 6, the microbots are the humans. The humans are being used to create the reality they want for themselves by combining each of them together, synchronously to manifest anything.
For example, let’s take a look at this game.
Spin Bubble Shooter. I know, looks innocent enough. But let’s take a closer look.
Now that you can see how it works, we can see here with the music notes. Notice the similar resemblance to the large hadron collider at cern. Check out my post about the “wheel”. It turns out the “wheel” we thought revolutionized the human race, was actually the wheel we see everywhere. Time. What’s music? Timed impulses at different levels. The pied piper. Remember him? His music would lead all the little rats down the road. Guess who are the rats, the humans.
I found the answer in my Tokamak research. There is a strong correlation with the operation of tokamak reactor locations. Check out the mind map on my findings. They have been created to guide us through our reality which is managed by those like the pied piper. Now the question is where are they guiding you too. That’s where the fun begins.
First step, you need to set your intention on what you want. Based on truth. Truth from within. Truth is inside of us; when you find truth you find love, everywhere.
Mind your thoughts.