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096 Shandong, China explosion with typhoon near by





It was a big one:

Currently typhoon Goni is situated to the southwest of Kyushu, packing 125mph sustained winds with gusts of 155mph. Moving northeastwards at around 24mph, typhoon Goni is expected to reach Kyushu on Tuesday morning still as a Category 3 typhoon, with winds of 115mph and upwards. At landfall the current forecast is for the eye of Goni to be a strong Cat 2, sufficient for damage to be caused to structures.




061 Tesla’s Earthquake Machine


A few years ago, a friend mentioned that he had noticed a peculiar pattern of the earthquake frequency in Southern California. In all recent instances except the 1993 Northridge blockbuster, the space shuttle had been aloft at the time. (Conspiracy researcher and radio show host Dave "I Read It In A Book So It Must Be True" Emory has commented on this as well.) Even though it was meant as a joke, there are obvious implications for anyone who could control this final frontier of the natural world. Perhaps this has already been accomplished. In the last years of the 19th century, technological alchemist Nikola Tesla may have harnessed this principle to similar effect.

Tesla's Earthquake Machine.