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041 RD-blog-number-2190; Books

The secret social science languages of the English alphabet AND math , astrophysics, biochemistry,etc.
The languages EXIST at various levels

a) the Carl Jung atomic primordial collective unconsciousness of groups of people

b) subliminal mind

c) unknown thoughts in the subconscious mind of some people are conscious thoughts in the mind of others

d) states of MIND …

– the perception of EARTH land REALITY and geography states taught in elementary grammar school
– quantum states of mind
– Markov probabilty states of mind

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040 RD-blog-372: We live on EARTH LAB.

We live on EARTH LAB ….and are guests of MOTHER NATURE; nature provides us with food,water, and air. In return, MOTHER NATURE would like our cortex computer to understand the philosophical context which we live within.

To understand this …. we must view our human self as an extension of Nature’s food system.
For example, let’s assume that the vegetable spinach contained all the food components needed for human life. If a human, just ate spinach ….. from birth on …. then that human could be an extension of spinach.

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